Sharing a serious article and a funny video: (1) Chronicle Herald: “Lebanon requests IMF technical help” and (2) Dating Beyond Borders: “You know you are dating a Lebanese man when…”

First, despite a widespread lack of trust by angry citizens, the Parliament of Lebanon voted to give its confidence to the government. That happened yesterday. Today, this government asked for the technical support of the IMF (International Monetary Fund):

We can either think: (1) Finally, one concrete action to try to solve the deep crisis, even if it is a shy move OR (2) Why are they giving mixed signals if Lebanon cannot commit to a full IMF Program because of its tough conditions? And of course, there is always a question in the background (an elephant in the room): What does Hezbollah want?  Because in reality without its silent or loud approval, nothing can happen in Lebanon, according to Bambi’s non-expert opinion (they are the strongest link). People have been protesting for four months against all the political leaders in vain.  

Second, Bambi would like to share two comments by anonymous protesters she has watched online in the media. There is truth to their insights. The first protester said: “I bet this government will be more concerned in helping the banking sector than the poor population; even if some may be very competent folks, they have been nominated by the same political parties. Plus, one of the so-called “technocrats” in this government is related to the banking sector”. The second protester said: “Usually when a treatment protocol does not work anymore, we change the treatment. We do not prescribe the same drug or its generic” (he was referring to the government being a continuation of the same old…).

Last but not least, after reading the serious (perhaps promising?) news, Bambi did not want to go to bed without laughter. This is how she decided to re-watch an older video about “dating a Lebanese man” that a Canadian friend from PEI shared with her. She hopes it will make you smile too. One thing is sure in her mind: Lebanese men are cute, even if they are at the antidote of her spouse ?!   

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