DW News: “What are Lebanon’s protests all about”?

Bambi would like to share this thoughtful English documentary signed by Ms. Aya Ibrahim from the Deutsche Welle News. It is about 13-minute long.

“Vielen Dank”. Thank you Ms. Ibrahim and bravo to all those Lebanese citizens in the video for their courage and determination!

Bambi does not know the politician being interviewed at the end of the documentary. It is interesting to hear how he tries to make sense of what is happening in his country.

Anyhow, for fun, she googled him after watching the video. This is how she remembered his link to the President of Lebanon (one of his sons-in-law). Of course, this does not automatically make him incompetent. Plus, he is an engineer initially. Who knows, maybe politicians who are engineers by training/career can be more reasonable (or less corrupt?) than lawyers?

To conclude on a funny note, this kinship (between Mr. Alain Aoun and Mr. Michel Aoun, the President of Lebanon) made Bambi think of Mr. Donald Trump and his own son-in-law, Mr. Jared Kushner ?. Of course, this being said, Lebanon and his neighbourhood are far from being the United States and North America.

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