Picture of the day, l’Orient le Jour: Beirut citizen Roula Abdo wants to crack the doors of fear [“Roula Abdo veut fendre les portes de la peur”]. Any small analogy with Sackville?

A picture taken from l’Orient Le Jour (February 3, 2020)

A small analogy between Beirut, Lebanon and Sackville, NB, Canada:

In Beirut, behind this wall (“of shame”, as called by the citizens), politicians are “hiding” from the protestors in the Parliament of Lebanon.

In the town hall of Sackville (NB), the clerk working with our municipal politicians is hiding behind a “$7,800 glass partition” as the “the aluminum and tempered glass barrier is needed for greater security” (https://warktimes.com/2016/11/10/sackville-councillors-set-to-tighten-security-at-town-hall/).

Sackville Town Hall’s picture taken from the New Wark Times (November, 10, 2016)

Politicians may sometimes share similar characteristics across countries or jurisdictions. Populations may differ. For example, perhaps the people of Lebanon also began by being apathetic. However, the surrealistic level of corruption over the last decades provoked an unprecedented economic crisis. The people woke up from their “coma”, to use words they use themselves. They revolted in the streets.

Lebanese politicians may be afraid of them because they are like a mirror reflecting their own vices.

Instead of cement walls, they need “concrete” bridges of communication to truly reassure the population and find solutions to problems.

This being said, will the Lebanese financial rescue plan expected tomorrow from the new government succeed in reforming the country, as aspired by its population?  

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