ABC News, Australia: “Rioting and violence in Lebanon persists after new Government elected”

Will Lebanon know how to get rid of its cancerous corruption at the top management level?

Will it show serious efforts of transparency, fiscal reforms, and better governance?

Will it provide evidence that it deserves an external helping hand to save it from economically falling apart?

When will the people of Lebanon finally get basic services (i.e., electricity 24 hours per day), like in any normal country?

When will the Lebanese political class accept to change a failed sectarian system they exploit, hide behind, or pretend to dislike but… cannot change?

Will Lebanon’s political leaders, now hiding behind this new government of apparently smart folks (of technocrats/academicians), be politically interfering behind the scenes? Or enough with their shenanigans?

Whether they are/will be interfering or not, will they all finally learn to put their country first, that is before any other loyalty?

Talking about loyalties, will the powerful players in the region remain powerful in the next few years? And if so or not, how will this affect tiny Lebanon?

Last but not least, what if this new government surprises us by succeeding in winning the confidence of the Parliament, the street, and of the entire world? Will Lebanon truly learn to maturely move forward once and for all? Or will it keep surviving from one crisis to the next?

Bambi’s brain is full of questions right now. Like everyone, she is holding her breath, hoping for the best for this beautiful country.

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