CNN Breaking news: “Protests turn violent in streets of Beirut, Lebanon”

Bambi is far from being an expert in Lebanese politics. This being said, in her mind, this situation is not surprising. As it is well described by Mr. Ben Wedeman, it is due to many factors, including Lebanon’s political: (1) failed sectarian (or religious-based) system; (2) corruption; and (3) incompetence (in addressing the economic crisis). To this list, Bambi will add the following factor (4): arrogance, a clever term used by her mom during one of their recent conversations.

In a single word, the situation is a “fiasco” :(. Indeed, whilst watching the CNN video above, Bambi could not help not to think of an earlier post entitled ““Lebanon cannot govern itself: Could placing it again under French Mandate help protect it?” (Reflections by Ms. Aline A.)“.

Perhaps after a good night of sleep, Bambi will find her natural optimism again. She will remind herself of the following: Lebanon has always survived… Beirut will rise again in the end, just like the phoenix bird, which is its symbol. Best wishes to the land of the Cedars in those critical times!

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