“You look happy… Are you happy”?

Today, Bambi woke up in Halifax. She voluntary began her day at 5 AM ?. She woke up that early to get ready for breakfast at her hotel at 6 AM. Crazy? Likely. For her, food is more important than sleep, contrary to her spouse’s preference. Of course, he teased her about it all day long!

Anyhow, at 7:30 AM they left the hotel to her dental appointment (to complete a root canal treatment). Less than two hours later, they were done and ready to take the bus back to Sackville. With all the freezing effect, she surely felt (and looked!) funny.   

Whilst waiting for her spouse (purchasing something), she bumped into a man with whom she exchanged polite hellos. This stranger walked a few steps forward then he made steps backward toward Bambi, asking her: “You look happy, are you happy”? She replied: “Ya, I think I am. I just finished a dental appointment”. She then added “What about you Sir? I hope you are happy too [fiou, he was, it seems ?]. Anyhow, may you have a happy day and year!”.

This amusing exchange with this stranger proved to Bambi, what she already knew well: how adorable the Maritimers are, even in a large city like Halifax. Indeed, people take the time not only to greet each other but also to chat in a friendly way.   

Perhaps this man felt a bit lonely today? Who knows? Maybe this is why he was friendly with Bambi (a strange deer from a different province). Perhaps he was simply genuine about his comment? Could it be? Despite her funny face at the time, she may have exuded happiness for real.

Indeed, she had more than a reason to be happy today. In addition to being able to move on with her life (closure after a dental abscess saga), she spent a fun time chatting with her dad (whilst eating that copious early breakfast in the picture above).

Today is the eve of Saint Anthony’ Day; a significant family event of a year. “Antoine” (or “Tony” for closed ones) is the name of her dad. This means he is celebrating his name day. It is a big family tradition where every year all the relatives come to visit her parents and enjoy her mom’s delicious food! The funniest thing is that “Anthony” or “Tony” or “Antoine” or “Tannios” are variants of the same male name. Bambi has an uncle (brother-in-law of her dad), 2 cousins in Beirut,1 cousin in Montréal, and the son of a cousin on the other side of the family called “Tony” ?! Of course, she made sure to contact them all (oh, she should not forget to email “Antoinette”, a family friend in Montréal).

May the joy of family reunions keep making everyone happy, whether they live nearby or feel connected across the miles.

Thank you Saint Anthony for offering Bambi’s family the opportunity to celebrate a sort of a second Christmas within 3 weeks from the first. Most importantly, thank you for protecting her dad.  

To conclude this post, it is well known in Lebanon that we can ask for Saint Anthony’s help when we lose important items. Let’s hope the Lebanese politicians will find all the “lost” funds so prosperity can find its way back into people’s lives and pockets. Until then, happy name day to all the “Tonys” of the world, including one she knows here in Sackville ?!   

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