Iran statement on downed Ukrainian plane: Can sarcasm vent frustration and sadness?

Today, Naharnet published “Iran’s statement on downed Ukrainian airliner”, based on Agence France Press:

The bolded text is Bambi’s reply to the statement.

“Iran said on Saturday that its armed forces had “unintentionally” shot down a Ukrainian airliner, killing all 176 passengers and crew on board.

Why did you deny this at first and pretended the West was lying? What has changed now? Are you too worried? Is this a game of some sort? Or are you genuinely sorry?

The incident came hours after Iran launched a wave of missiles at Iraqi bases housing American troops in retaliation for the killing of Qasem Soleimani, one of Iran’s top generals, in a US drone strike.

The Iranian armed forces were first to acknowledge the error, saying the Boeing 737 had been mistaken for a “hostile target” at a time when enemy threats were at the highest level.

Following are the main elements from the five-point statement:

The armed forces said it had opened an investigation into what it called the “heartbreaking incident” after the Ukraine International Airlines plane (UIA) was brought down on Wednesday.

1. The Iranian armed forces had been on their highest level of alert after launching missiles at Iraqi bases housing US troops and following “threats by the criminal American president and military commanders”.

OK, if the Americans are criminals for killing a criminal, how do we call you and call ALL the other freaky (religious or so-called religious or just dictators) of the Middle East, regardless of their own side of insanity, for terrorizing innocents?

When will you let the innocent people simply live in dignity and peace?

2. Flights by the US military had increased around Iran after the missile operation and following some reports of aerial targets moving towards “strategic centres” in the Islamic republic.

3. After taking off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport, UIA flight PS752 turned, got close to a “sensitive military site” of the Revolutionary Guards and appeared to fly like a “hostile target”. Due to “human error”, the plane was hit, which “unfortunately led to the martyrdom of a number of our dear compatriots and loss of life of a number of foreign nationals”.

OK, your own folks are “martyrs” and the others suffered from “loss of life”. Do you think the word “martyrdom” will comfort the grieving families? Plus, what is martyrdom to begin with? And did they ask for it? No, all they wanted was to come back home to their loved ones and their dreams. They did not have this chance because of you.

Are the 1500 Iranian citizens the Iranian regime killed during the latest uprising also “martyrs”?

What about those killed during the stampede of the funeral or Memorial of the killed general? Are they “martyrs” too?

What about those dying a slow death in countries where you fund terror? Are they or will they become “martyrs” too, if not yet?

4. The statement expressed “condolences and sympathy” with the families of those who died and gave an assurance that a “repetition of such mistakes would become impossible” through changes in operational procedures. It also said the armed forces would immediately present the “culprit” to the judiciary.

Is the person who followed the orders of shooting the airplane already a “martyr” too?

Most importantly, are you going to compensate the families of the victims for your mistake?

5. Finally, it said “relevant officials from the Revolutionary Guards should, as soon as possible, give detailed explanations to the honourable people in the national media”.

“Honourable people” are your followers?

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