CBC News: “Trudeau says evidence indicates Iranian missile brought down Ukrainian flight”

It is incredibly sad to watch the pictures and read the stories of each of the victims. May their memory be eternal… and may God knows how to comfort their families and friends. Bambi can only imagine one drop of the ocean of their pain facing the tragedy.

Bambi would like to also extend her condolences to Canada at large. This is a huge loss for our country, not only families across cities and provinces. Indeed, the victims of this tragedy are talented, and even highly educated, citizens. Some are students with great potential. Others are kids. Yet others may have been dreaming of having kids one day, as a newly-wed couple from Québec.

There is no word to describe the sorrow. It may be silly for Bambi to think to herself: If it is a missile, it means that maybe they did not have the time to be afraid or to suffer in their last seconds of life. Does this provide any comfort despite the sorrow or anger in a grief journey?

Mr. Trudeau did a dignified job in his press conference above. He even had some tough questions but he smartly managed his way around them. He is right: Canada needs to have answers, families need to have answers, as our Prime Minister, he also needs to have answers.

Will Iran cooperate with the Canadian investigators (via the Ukraine authorities, or other countries, or by exceptionally providing visas)? Will they have the decency of keeping all the evidence, as more than one journalist asked in both official languages?

Will this tragedy make any difference if it is a mistake (likely) or… an intentional act of war (perhaps less likely?), as many journalist asked? The victims are all gone in either case. This is the sad reality. It is even a personal tragedy to the person who may have been responsible, if the hypothesis is confirmed. Perhaps that person has already been punished by his regime now? Who knows?

2 thoughts on “CBC News: “Trudeau says evidence indicates Iranian missile brought down Ukrainian flight””

  1. yes…I heard the News conference ..as Mr. Trudeau said this is not finalized yet..but anything is possible in an unstable region and country. Having said that the footage (in youtube) of the plane which is falling down doesn’t show an explosion in the air..so it would be interesting to know why the plane was not exploded in the air if there was a missile…we will see..
    the result doesn’t make much a difference in my view …that area is unsafe for travel anyways and regardless those people are dead and their families will suffer forever…only more so now.

    1. It seems odd indeed that the footage did not show an explosion in the air. However, you are right, they are gone and the families’ suffering will last a lifetime :(. Of course, things are still unfolding, as you wrote. Sadly, this area of the world is an unsafe destination, although an interesting one to discover and enjoy one day. Anyhow, my heart goes to you too Azi (Bambi misses you and hopes to see you in 2020!).

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