Why is our Green party MLA Megan Mitton encouraging dependence of NB citizens on the government?

Bambi would like to quickly comment on an article in the New Wark Times that presents many promising ideas by our MLA, including addressing conversion therapy or improving access to medical care:


Among our MLA’s ideas, one stands out as being the worst political idea that Bambi has ever heard, namely the basic income guarantee for all New Brunswickers (https://www.basicincomecanada.org/about_basic_income).

Bambi does not even wish it to happen in a broken country like Lebanon because it would make the Government more pervasive.

History has proved it over and over in many different parts of our world: communism does not work. It does not yield neither justice nor poverty reduction.

Plus, we are already a bit too socialist in our economic approach in Canada. So why are we promoting dependence ideas on the Government like that instead of encouraging entrepreneurship and business creation?

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