The Lebanese diaspora visited Beirut: 100 people from 45 countries walked to support the revolt

This picture was taken by Mr. Luca Muzannar from “L’Orient Le Jour” (published on December 26, 2019)

Some demonstrators came from as far as Australia and North America (including the USA and Canada). Many others were from European countries or Arab ones.

Bambi did not walk with them. She had no clue about all this. Plus, she has promised her “dear” spouse to behave, even if it is hard for a wild “deer” not to jump from places to places.

Anyhow, she salutes their gesture of solidarity. They even walked under the rain to show their support to their fellow Lebanese citizens who have been demanding their politicians to step down.

The people of Lebanon have shown a remarkable courage in their continuous peaceful activism; even if some have been temporarily arrested. More alarmingly, a few have been wildly beaten by thugs (mainly on their heads!). Between hope and at times despair, they refuse to give up. They only have their voices (nothing else to lose).   

It is indeed heart-breaking to witness the consequences of the public Lebanese debt crisis. It is simply a national tragedy. It follows years of shameless systemic corruption, coupled with an ongoing power struggle.  

After years of apathy, the Lebanese people woke up on October 17, 2019.

Sadly, thus far, their politicians have been ignoring them, to say the least. They live on a different planet, it seems. Perhaps they are too busy with their own political agenda or… their uselessness.

Some rumours circulated that some politicians managed to transfer (stolen?) public money abroad. Is this accurate? Is this fake news? Will anyone care to investigate?

If this is true, it would be totally insulting and unfair to the citizens who cannot access their own savings or transfer them, as needed.

In the meantime, Lebanon is sinking further into its worse economic crisis.  

As a conclusion to this post, Bambi has one prayer in her heart: May 2020 bring new hope to this beautiful country. It deserves better days than all this!

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