Orient Le Jour: 900-1000 Parisians of Lebanese origins rally again in support of Lebanese protestors

From L’Orient Le Jour, November 17, 2019
French content

It is impressive that between 900 and 1000 Parisians of Lebanese origins rallied once again in support of Lebanese protestors in less than a month.

Like everyone else, Bambi does not know how the Lebanese revolution will end.

Anything is realistically possible for sure. The best case scenario would be a much needed change of a system that has clearly failed. The worse case scenario can of course be violence… or even chaos.

This being said, at least the people of Lebanon woke up from their apathy (they use the term “coma” there). They are courageously demanding, for the first time ever, an end of the “metastatic” corruption. They want transparency. They want a real functional country. How? Through a government composed of independent technocrats who will have the legislative executive power to draft a new electoral law (in order to hold elections).

Mind you, Lebanon does not seem to be showing any sign of a forthcoming government (not even with those same politicians, that is minus any technocrats). In the meantime, the financial crisis is deepening.

Maybe the President of Lebanon should hire a head-hunting firm to find those technocrats (just like Sackville is doing now to search for its new CAO :); https://warktimes.com/ ).

That was a joke, obviously. More seriously, what is Lebanon waiting for? Not for Godot, Bambi hopes.

Is it waiting for a bailout from this or that country or external entity?

Who will dare to help Lebanon once again? Will any financial support work and for how long? Until a next crisis, if serious reforms are not undertaken? Will any external help come with strings attached? Why do political solutions seem be paralyzed or totally absent, even after a month of protests?

Too many questions. No clear answers. Just the hope for a better tomorrow.

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