Bloomberg: “First death in Lebanon’s uprising as Aoun comments spark fury”

Picture in the Middle from “Radio-Canada International”. Picture to the right is Byblos, north of Beirut

The title of this post is a follow-up to Bambi’s post from yesterday.

Aoun is the President of the Republic of Lebanon. He still has three years of his mandate (he is half-way through).

The country is totally paralyzed: No schools, no banks, no work, no dollars, and no signs of a government yet. Perhaps by the end of the week? Perhaps next week? Perhaps not.

Bambi is not sure if this is the first death as per the video link below, perhaps the second (one may have occurred earlier in Tripoli)? Regardless, this is the first mortality immediately following the President’s interview. How sad all this.

Below is a painting that sweet artists did in Tripoli’s downtown to honour Mr. Alaa Abu Fakher who sadly died yesterday, in Beirut. According to LBC TV Group, “Artist Ghayath al-Rawbe painted Abou Fakher’s portrait, in cooperation with other painters who said that they are willing to complete the portrait with portraits of his family members (his wife and children)”.

End of the quote from LBC TV Group.

A picture from LBC TV Group showing how Tripoli is honouring Mr. Alaa Abu Fhaker

Clearly in Bambi’s mind, despite any good intentions, President Aoun appears to be the weakest president of Lebanon in as far as she can remember. Actually, even a two-year-old knows who is running the show in reality [you may think Bambi is exaggerating but young Lebanese toddlers are very smart :)].

Seriously, President Aoun contradicted himself even further today. Yesterday, he reassured people about finances, saying money is out of the banks and safe (in houses, to use his words, or something like that). Today, it seems that he is saying that “the economic conditions are deteriorating”:

So which statement is the most accurate here? Anyhow, below is the Bloomberg documentary (November 13, 2019).

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