Are we doing immigrants a favour by treating them with kid gloves?

From La Presse & Post Millennial

The video in the link above shows the words of Mr. Don Cherry. Because of his direct yet factual words (his usual style of speech!), he was fired by Sportsnet, which is owned by Rogers Telecommunication.

Is this a joke or what?

Are Torontonians born abroad that easily triggered? Bambi highly doubts it.

She knows what she is talking about since she is an immigrant herself who happens to have lived in Toronto for several years.

Her friends from all sorts of immigrant backgrounds also do not feel triggered by such comments.

On the contrary, the more they hear stories like that the more turned off they become by our collective insanity (or stupidity?) called political correctness.

Mr. Don Cherry has said similar, or maybe worse, matters about French-Canadians or about Québec athletes representing Canada. No one felt triggered to the point of asking for his resignation. Although some may have not been amused by his comments back then, everyone understood that this was his style of speech.

So what? Why should we wear kid gloves when talking to each other? Why should we put this or that group on a pedestal? This can backfire on us, despite any (apparently) noble intention.

Another possibility may be that Sportsnet may have wished to see him retire. Thus, this incident was the ideal excuse to push him towards this stage of his life.

Bambi feels sorry for him for the public disrespect.

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