France 24: “In an unprecedented move, the wave of protests in Lebanon has spread to Hezbollah strongholds in the heavily Shia south of the country”

“A political party as well as an armed group, Hezbollah has become caught up in a storm of protests sweeping the country. As part of the government, it has been accused of complicity in corruption and failing ordinary people” (France 24, November 2nd, 2019).

The response of the Lebanese people came today, clearer than ever: “All of them = all of them” (meaning all the politicians must step down, implicitly meaning the Hezbollah and their allies), as can be seen in this impressive demonstration of people from Tripoli and from elsewhere across the country. They did not even wait for dawn. All this happened during last night.

Another massive demonstration is currently under way in Beirut (where even psychologists and psychiatrists are offering FREE counselling, especially to parents worried about their children’s stress levels, as per the L’Orient Le Jour. Bravo for making room for mental health!).

Demonstrators are gathering again in Beirut downtown, from Naharnet, Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

Of course, all this seems to be a sort of a “peaceful” war between forces of Hezbollah (likely potentially diminishing, if Iran is being cornered by the USA? But who knows what is happening behind the scenes?) and forces pushing back (ALL, if not MOST of the people of Lebanon insisting on the end of corruption of all!).

Anyhow, Bambi wrote above MOST of the people because not everyone wants to be on the streets (from Day 1 likely) and some prefer their “own” streets, namely Hezbollah supporters or indirect Hezbollah supporters (supporting the President of Lebanon today and his party led by his own son-in-law, it seems). Perhaps they believe that Lebanon is better in his corrupt status quo. Perhaps they trust Hezbollah’s power in protecting them from I do not know what. Perhaps it is true that Hezbollah can be protective in addition to being corrupt, like the rest of its peers from the other parties.

Some fascist supporters even prefer to beat demonstrators, including women (see earlier post).

This crowd (counter-demonstration) is of course free to have its own opinion but it is sad not to see them hand in hand with the rest of the population, including and especially those literally risking their lives or losing their jobs, as described by the young Lebanese man in the video above [he is from Hezbollah’s own community and he wants to live in a “clean” (= non-corrupt) country, to use the own words of the President of the Lebanese Republic].

Lebanese people, and by extension, Middle-Easterners have a sad tradition of glorifying their own leaders or sometimes own clan (religious, tribal, etc.). Here, for the first time, we are watching a whole nation united in its demand: All of them means all of them.

Of course, we do not want to be naive. Things could degenerate but could change and the change can be for the best. Why not? Why should the destiny of a country be always fear, blood, and continuous immigration to search for safety and to feed one’s family. Why should families be shattered across the globe from generation to generation? Why should Bambi, and millions like Bambi, always worry about their loved ones’ safety and not know if they could see each other during their only opportunity of the year to hug each other. Why?

Isn’t enough enough? Regardless of whom will end up governing the country and having the bigger piece of the cake (whether in the government or outside it, whether in times of peace or unrest), let families live. Let people work. Relieve tax payers. Hands off Lebanon to all those external ferocious forces. No more proxy wars and no more internal stupid and corrupt governance.

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