Lebanese people are TRULY fed up: They are asking for their government’s resignation!

From L’Orient Le Jour

All Lebanon from the North to the South, from the East to the West, is on the streets right now (it is nighttime, at the moment of this post).

People are united against their corrupt government, regardless of their community, their religion, socio-economic class, sex/gender, etc.

They all have ONE single demand: The resignation of the government. They want a reduced caretaker government. These seem to be their demands. They do not want to stop until they achieve this.

Schools and banks will be closed tomorrow (no, it is not because of Greta’s Fridays!).

The whole country is in a sort of a revolution, united against poverty/the corrupt system.

People are fed up. Too much poverty. Too much corruption. Too much taxation (the icing on the cake was today’s approved tax on WhatsApp calls! People use WhatsApp a lot there; just like Bambi does to chat with her family).  

Here is a video from downtown Beirut in front of the Parliament with people chanting together the Lebanese anthem:

Here is another video somewhere in Beirut:

Of course, we are in the Middle East (even if Beirut is called the Paris of the Middle East). Burning tires is sadly always on the menu, even after the 103 fires:

From L’Orient Le Jour

Bambi’s heart goes to Lebanon… May justice and prosperity prevail. A beautiful country with its beautiful people deserves beautiful politicians.

They say we usually have the government that we are willing to tolerate. Lebanese people elected or re-elected many of these same politicians (some in power for decades). They lost their patience. Will a change take place? And what will happen after such a change?

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