Why did Bambi vote for Ms. Nancy Mercier?

Bambi is not fond of fascism for having lived through civil war times all her childhood and teenage years.

She is neither fond nor intimidated by fascist behaviours. However, she is allergic to seeing someone being harassed.

In our days and times, in our small town, it is Ms. Mercier who has been harassed big time lately.

Bambi has wished to see more people denouncing those criminal acts.

This is why, like one of the commenters on her blog (thank you), she chose to vote for Ms. Mercier, even if she acknowledges that all the other candidates have good ideas or may be good or have the potential to learn more on the job.

Actually, it seems to her that all the other candidates appear more reasonable, and even stronger, than their weaker leaders.

This being said, to illustrate how things are undemocratic in Sackville, Bambi just returned from a tour of the town. SYSTEMATICALLY, all the electoral signs of Ms. Nancy Mercier have been removed, whether they were put by others or by herself/her spouse to help Ms. Mercier after her first harassment incident in Sackville. Some signs were near the hospital, others in the industrial district, others on Bridge street, one York street, and on the Main Exit (the largest vandalized one in the ugliest manner possible).   

We have established that this is criminal:

http://bambisafkar.ca/index.php/2019/10/13/ms-nancy-merciers-electoral-sign-vandalized-further-and-her-other-signs-removed-from-town-why-arent-sackville-citizens-denouncing-these-criminal-acts/ .

Ms. Mercier is laying charges, as per her own tweet three days ago. Good for her!

Those responsible must be punished, hoping they will learn a lesson. Bambi says this and she has no clue who may have done it and she does not care to know. She is talking in general, and even regardless of the targeted candidate (of any party, currently running or… in the future).

This is not just illegal. This is harassment and it is morally unacceptable.

Bambi worries about Ms. Mercier visiting Sackville again (she is on a wheelchair, for God’s sake. It would be perhaps more challenging for her to defend herself if any overzealous fascist decides to attack her). Look what happened to that old lady in Hamilton. Disgusting, to say the least.

The local New Wark Times published today an article entitled “Liberal Dominic LeBlanc unable to campaign in Beauséjour while Trudeau focusses on neighbouring NS riding”.

In this article above, we can read that “Green candidate Laura Reinsborough has been taking her message door-to-door and persuading voters to display her lawn signs since late June in her campaign to defeat LeBlanc who has held Beauséjour for 19 years”.

This seems lovely on the surface but if we link the title of the New Wark Times article (Mr. Leblanc taking care of his health) with the harassment of Ms. Mercier’s signs (and silence of all our local newspapers, from the Sackville Tribune to the Wark Times), we can see that the competition in Sackville does not appear to be as romantically beautiful as it seems to be.

For one, Bambi wishes Mr. Dominic Leblanc ALL the best. She sends him her positive vibes!

For two, she has been a long-time voter for him and his party. Plus, she usually knows how to give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar: He is clearly a strong (+ smart) Liberal party member, with more leadership than our Prime Minister and Opposition Leader combined.

Ms. Laura Reinsborough seems to be a talented, motivated candidate (especially linguistically).

Trudeau may have chosen to go to Amherst for the reasons mentioned in the article above. It could also be for a tacit alliance with the party line of the Green Party too. Who knows?

Anyhow, Ms. Reinsborough is running for a party whose colour is sexy to many around here and elsewhere, older and younger… but one must go beyond a colour in life, even if it is green and it is trendy. One must read and compare the platforms of parties, on environmental issues (+ other issues). Which ones makes the most sense? Is the proposed policy related to the environment truly the best for the Green Party because of its platform or just the perception of a sexy colour?

Bambi thinks that it would be good to have more Green candidates in Ottawa to hold our politicians accountable and to push on the ecological front… but not too many as this would become totally paralyzing to the economy in the longer run.

Ms. Zann seems to be a talented person who cares for people in her riding. Bambi met her once in the past and enjoyed the chat.

She does not know Mr. Scott Armstrong in person. However, he seems to be an excellent candidate, just like Mr. Vincent Cormier seems to be in our own riding. Plus, like Dr. Jean-Marc Bélanger, Mr. Armstrong seems to have had a career caring for children and youth’s well-being. Good for them and thank you!  

As for Ms. Mercier, she has demonstrated that she is a candidate with calibre. Bambi has been impressed with her campaign.

Regardless of the results on October 21, long life to Canada… and hopefully to democracy.

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