“Older people idolizing young people” by Ms. Denise Bombardier

Food for thought. Thank you Ms. Denise Bombardier

Below, Bambi would like to share a translated French article by Ms. Denise Bombardier published in the Journal de Montréal on October 1, 2019. Food for thought…

First, here is the link to the article:


Second and last, here is an English translation:

Once again, we observe the same phenomenon as the one during the impressive collective communion (Ms. Bombardier is referring to the giant demonstration in Montreal on September 27, 2019) whose highlight was the presence of the young popess of the environment. Indeed, Greta Thunberg took over the children of Fatima and Bernadette Soubirous who became saints, serving as spokespersons for the Virgin Mary, intermediary between God and them.

Today, Greta Thunberg is the repository of the prophecies announcing the end of the world. Number of young people to whom adults have transmitted only doubts, to whom they have transferred the suffering stemming from the rifts of their separations and divorces, to whom they have imposed their life of frenzy, narcissism and adoration of the golden calf. However, these adults transformed them, from little emperors into child prophets. Perhaps for their greatest misfortune.

Many of these older adults/seniors surely feel the need to worship children and teenagers, not only in the pathetic hope of freeing themselves of guilt but also in an attempt to rejuvenate themselves because the fear of death is devouring them.

Thus, they give young people virtues: beauty, energy, purity of purpose, tolerance, and clairvoyance, which they believe to have lost themselves when in reality they have probably never possessed to begin with.


In this sense, these adults can instrumentalize young people. This may also be the case for Greta Thunberg’s parents who witnessed her ordeal when, at the age of ten, she plunged into a long depression. So, how can we not be worried about this young Swedish girl’s personal future when she has been propelled to the summit of a global glory where politicians and activists seek their oxygen? Who is interested in this child so different from others with her shifty eyes and rare, uneasy smiles?

On social networks, like old “croutons” with a lackluster or dull past, many are denouncing their own generation, of which they exclude themselves, to become ecstatic in front of young people. This is quite pitiful.

The war between the generations is rather a matter of a broken record on both sides. Young people, anxious to put away the old folks, who clutter the places they think they have inherited without any regard for senior’s skills and talents, are no more adequate than the old crumbling idlers who deride their irreplaceable “exploits”.

Let’s never forget that intelligence, talent and sensitivity derive first and foremost from personal qualities. A young idiot with no experience is at risk of becoming an old idiot with experience.


The war between generations in the name of youthism practised by elders or the ageism applied by young people who exclude seniors is above all a sign that our society is in social, moral and spiritual regression.

There are as many children with an old soul as there are seniors with a child’s soul. Respect, affection, and mutual admiration guarantee psychological balance between adults and children.

Blindness, stupidity and ignorance have no age. Wisdom is a matter of personality. Like the ability to be happy. Like lucidity. The war between generations is an absurdity”.

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