UNacceptable UN tragicomedy

UNacceptable UN tragicomedy

Wise Lebanese grand mothers used to tell their grand kids: Jesus himself came on earth and did not rally everyone behind him. In other terms, some folks saw in him the Messiah (or saviour) whilst others did not believe in him.

Keeping this spirit in mind, it is interesting to read articles about Greta’s speech at the UN by two journalists Bambi usually thinks highly of, Ms. Sophie Durocher and Ms. Emanuelle Latraverse, from the same Journal de Montréal (La Traverse was initially working for the French CBC):

Too bad Bambi does not have the time to translate, not even to check the translation after her friend Google ?.

The title of Ms. Latraverse’s article is: “Greta, the magnificent”.


The title of Ms. Durocher’ is: “When Greta loses it”.


We are reading about the same Greta who appears in this video:

Bambi can only sadly agree with Ms. Durocher on this one. It is heartbreaking to see Greta like that at the UN.

Bambi cannot help not to think how *UNacceptable* it is to see a 16-year-old youth with autism (with comorbid depression and anxiety!) being weaponized at the Assembly of Nations in front of the eyes of people around the world.

Like Ms. Durocher, Bambi thinks that Greta is in danger but not from the global warming… she is in danger of tragic consequences of this adventure ☹.

So are maybe generations of youth around the world who are skipping schools and believing that they are saving the world (her disciples).

We have created a world-wide phenomenon of propaganda out of the good-intentioned, talented Greta that can backfire not only on her but also on all our youth.

Why are we doing this to our children? And why has the UN turned into a melodramatic platform?

Why can’t we talk about environmental issues with calm, using our rational brain (prefrontal cortex, for God’s sake) instead of our out-of-proportional emotion of fear (amygdala of our limbic system).

Where are the scientists? The real ones, not the kids?

Where are the world politicians, the balanced or wise ones; not the ones who have totally lost their mind or sold their soul to this scary totalitarian-like youth movement, which looks more like a blind religion than anything else. 

When Bambi was a younger teenager than Greta, she mailed out a letter to the Pope, out of their shelter, with one of her now deceased friend who escaped to Beirut from occupied South Lebanon. Together, they denounced the Israeli occupation and violence. They asked the Pope to pray for peace and to act to save the children of Lebanon.

They have never ever shamed adults (nor did any of her fellow child citizens who called for the end of the absurd civil war).

They truly saw adults behaving like children: fighting on the streets or killing innocent people (i.e., snipers) or kidnapping them or kidnapping innocent foreigners.

The kids and their parents had all the reasons of the world to believe that Beirut would not rise after 15 years of sustained total destruction. Yet, they kept their hope and perspective in life.

See for yourself if you do not believe Bambi that Beirut has been rebuilt (it has been destroyed and rebuilt 7 times through history, mind you):

Beirut 7 times destroyed and rebuilt…

Bambi’s point is that there is ALWAYS hope in-between what seems like black and white in a moment of despair or anxiety.

The planet has seen more extreme over millions of years and humanity is still here. Our earth is more resilient than we think. So are we.

To come back to Greta, Bambi wishes her well and wishes us adult wisdom.

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