What does the word “racist” really mean nowadays?

Recently, our own Prime Minister was accused of being racist over something he did many decades ago in different times.

Clearly in Bambi’s mind, Mr. Trudeau is not racist. He may be an amateur Prime Minister but he is surely not a racist. He was perhaps hoisted by his own petard because he has been acting hypocritically by accusing others of being racist.

He has apologized and even over-apologized. Bambi just listened to that video and wondered why he is self-flagellating to that point? He should move on to something else now because too much may sound like not enough in the end.  

Anyhow, anyone can be accused of being *racist* against any group. Sometimes, people are accused of being racist by two opposing groups who may be in conflict.

Another example of so-called racism is the following: When the rest of Canadians accused Quebecers of being racist JUST for having a different cultural approach to secularism.

Yet another example can be radical Muslims (this is not a race… it is just a religion or perhaps a culture for those who are not observant). Many have been likely brought up to hate Jews and amalgamate Jews with Israelis, Israeli soldiers with innocent Israeli civilians, Israeli politicians with young soldiers just following orders, etc.

Same for the Jews (again not a race…. It is just a religion and perhaps a culture for those who are not observant). Some may have issues with Muslims (radical ones at least). They also have their stereotypes, etc. Israel has a history of occupation or abuses toward Palestinians (all of them, regardless of their religion).

Bearing this in mind, Bambi felt the need to weigh in on two articles below about Ms. Nancy Mercier, PPC candidate in Beauséjour, accusing her of holding “racist” views:

English CBC: https://urlzs.com/pxyHn

French CBC: https://urlzs.com/2RHR3

Bambi has met Ms. Nancy Mercier in person and she has even interviewed her after her sad saga in Sackville: (http://bambisafkar.ca/index.php/2019/08/12/meet-nancy-mercier-who-was-prevented-from-visiting-our-sweet-little-sackville-by-a-handful-of-unsweet-citizens/).

Why is Ms. Mercier accused of holding racist views? Simply because she is against Sharia Law in Canada. If this is being racist, then Bambi is also racist because she agrees with Ms. Mercier on this one. She is not the only one. MOST of her immigrant friends, Muslim Arabs or Muslims from other countries chose to come to Canada because of its secularity.

To be clear, only our Common Law (and Code Civil in Québec) should apply to all Canadians, whether Muslim or not, newcomers or old immigrants like Bambi.  

Only our laws can protect Muslim women from honour killing or forced marriages (the tragedy of the Shafia family in Kingston ☹ or, more recently, a story about a forced marriage of a teenage girl in Québec; https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/judge-removes-teenager-from-family-home-after-she-flees-forced-marriage-1.5275963).

Now, Bambi is not an expert of security but at the same time she is perhaps less innocent than average good-hearted Canadians who may not allow themselves to have opinions like Ms. Mercier because they do not want to see themselves as being “racist”.

We may agree or not with Ms. Mercier.

We may vote for her or not.

However, for having interviewed her, I can assure that she is far from being close-minded and racist.

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