Bernier does not accuse Trudeau of racism but rather of hypocrisy

In each of us, there is a good and bad side.

Same for our politicians.

Talking about politicians, what Bambi appreciates in Mr. Maxime Bernier is his fairness, especially in the following tweet about Mr. Trudeau and the story of blackface in 2001 ( OR

“I’m not going to accuse @JustinTrudeau of being a racist. But he’s the master of identity politics and the Libs just spent months accusing everyone of being white supremacists. He definitely is the biggest hypocrite in the country.”

Bernier summarized the tragic situation in our country so well, even in those limited words.

Bambi does not know if the blame for this would only be on the Liberals though… Although she could be wrong, Bambi thinks that our whole society is guilty of this sort of collective stupidity described above by Bernier.  

It is hard to govern when we desperately try to please everyone, instead of taking tough decisions or instead of knowing when to push back.

imagine for one second the following scenario: Had Mr. Bernier worn such costume (and coloured his skin like that), even at age 3 (not 30) he would have been accused of being a Nazi.

Same for Sheer or anyone else. Same for May.

Perhaps this is old news for Bernier as some called him racist just for having policies on taboo topics such as immigration.

Bambi was born in the same part of the world as Aladdin. She was not offended by Mr. Trudeau’s old picture… Like Mr. Bernier, what bothers her the most in life is hypocrisy and the double-standards.

Plus, Trudeau’s costume is not an accurate illustration of Aladdin, let’s say. Who knows? Aladdin may have been blond with green or blue eyes (like Bambi’s maternal side of the family).

Anyhow, poor Mr. Trudeau— the Genie (or Jinn) could not come to help him today. He had to act with courage and fast.

He did well by apologizing to all those who have been offended (luckily, he is experienced in apologies). For this, Bambi thanks him.

Let’s move on now to more contemporary stories.

More importantly, let’s take the time to think about Trudeau’s promises (all his “sunny ways”). Did he keep them? Did he deliver on them?

These are the questions that Bambi prefers to focus on before voting, more than on a bad costume in 2001 (Vancouver) or in 2018 (India).

One thought on “Bernier does not accuse Trudeau of racism but rather of hypocrisy”

  1. I have a question!! Halloween is coming, all the parties we go to and all children and adults disguised will be racist in the future? Or hypocrites?

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