CBC Kids: Why is our money funding our kids’ indoctrination?

Bambi quickly toured the news before going to sleep. She discovered a section entitled *Climate Change* among the “hot topics” in CBC Kids:


In this section, there is even an article on Mr. Maxime Bernier vs Greta. My question is simply: Why?

Why are we using our kids (along with Greta, the passionate young activist) in this indoctrination machinery?

Bambi was not a fan of Mr. Harper’s era. She has never voted neither for him nor for his party. However, she cannot help but to recall how he had expressed a wise idea back then: reducing the funding to the CBC. It turned out that he did not have the courage to proceed with this. Someone will have to do it one of these days, Bambi is thinking now.

This is no longer journalism. This is propaganda.  

Bambi had wished that our tax money would fund research for real energy-efficient solutions to environmental problems.

If we continue down this path, our kids’ critical thinking would be in danger, not just ours ☹.

Well, after this sad discovery, Bambi continued her tour of the media. She came across an interview or chat between Mr. Bernier & Dr. Gad Saad. Food for though… It is refreshing to see two independent minds chatting, whether we agree with them or not, on some or all the topics.

Thank you to Mr. Bernier & Dr. Saad (he is Lebanese-Canadian, cool ?).

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