Did the Halifax Regional Municipality ask Haligonians if they wish to see BLM painted on their streets… with their own tax money?


We learned from the above article that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is to be painted on the streets of Halifax.

Why do Canadian politicians always feel the need for virtue signalling?

Why can’t they be genuinely respectful of all citizens without having to show the whole world how good they are, how morally noble, and even superior to the rest of us?

We saw the same phenomenon with Montréal Mayor, Ms. Mayor Valérie Plante, another highly illuminated politician. She seems to have forgotten to consult her citizens on this matter. Perhaps she so much wants to be part of the latest global fashion that she often genuinely forgets that her metropolitan city remains part of the province of Québec, which the last time Bambi checked, was still in Canada (not in the USA). If you do not believe Bambi, go listen to Ms. Plante’s first official speech as a Mayor. She spoke to her citizens in English, imagine (not even French, the official language of her province!). Her excuse was that she forgot which language she was speaking 😊.   

To come back to Halifax now, did its regional municipality impose its illuminated ideology on Haligonians, like Ms. Plante (https://globalnews.ca/news/7176516/black-lives-matter-street-sign/)? Or did they think of asking their citizens how they feel prior to their decision?

Although she may be wrong, Bambi suspects that only a minority of hardcore activists may be all for BLM paintings. Some may be too naïve to realize the implications of such movements with their unrealistic demands. In contrast, most of the people likely do not endorse this radical movement. For them, all lives matter. In other terms, you or Bambi do not matter neither more nor less because of so-called skin colour (or whatever race-based descriptive). We are all Canadians. We all deserve respect, regardless of our ethnolinguistic background. We all have a responsibility toward our city and country. We are all citizens to the same extent and under the same rule of law.  

We are blessed to live in a country that, although VERY far from being perfect, is likely one of the most beautiful places in the world! So, please let’s not import slogans that, even if they sound empty to some, they can be used to divide us, regardless of any noble intentions.

Thanks to Mr. Macron but, when dealing with thugs, we need more than diplomacy

Mr. Macron gave a press conference about Lebanon.

He said he is ashamed of Lebanese politicians. He added that “the Hezbollah should not think it is stronger than it actually is“.

He gave the Lebanese politicians 4-6 weeks to form a government.

Well, this timeline brings us to what matters the most in the region: The results of the American elections.

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Trump would be re-elected. No, it is not because she finds him friendly, articulate, respectful, inspiring, or beneficial to our Canadian business interests.

It is simply because he is enough of a “jerk” to truly make thugs like the Iranian regime feel threatened.

Once they do start to behave, then there is room for more diplomatic approaches.

From what Bambi understood from today’s press conference, Mr. Macron, although well-meaning, seems more like Mr. Obama. The latter has used the term “red line” with Mr. Assad more than once (about his chemical weapons in the Syrian war). Did he act on his words? No. He lost his credibility, even if he is well-spoken (contrary to Mr. Trump).

This is the sad reality when we are dealing with delinquents. Kindness does not work. Actually, any kindness will be interpreted by them as a sign of weakness.

Although his throne speech at home may have been ridiculous, Mr. Trudeau made much more sense in his UN speech

At home, his speech was heavily criticized across provinces and territories. Not surprisingly, he promised us more and more public debt… over decades, he wanted to reassure us.

As usual, he also meddles in provincial affairs and seems to care more about special interest groups than about the average Canadian.

As Ms. Denise Bombardier said, our Governor General may have perhaps wished to go back to space whilst reading this speech 😊.

Bearing this in mind, Bambi listened to the whole UN speech of our PM yesterday before going to sleep. Well, she was happily surprised and even impressed. His speech was much better than the usual. He even dared to criticize Iran, Russia, and China, without naming them. Bravo Mr. Trudeau for standing up for justice around the world!

He did not even use buzz words like “systemic racism”. He just said racism among other problems of our world in crisis.

He even mentioned the Lebanese people in his example of a country’s sufferings.   

Of course, he talked about climate change, and that’s fine. What resonated the most in Bambi’s mind is the above message. It sounded clear, courageous, and in line with those classical liberal values that Bambi has been missing much over the past years. Those conservative values too of standing up for what Canadians believe in. These are the values that unite us and make us so well respected in the world. Can we have more of these words and acts, Mr. Trudeau? Can we have our OWN wisdom back, not just repetitions of global buzz words empty of meaning? And while there, can we have our country back please?

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau, for giving Bambi hope yesterday night. It has helped her upon waking up to more dramatic news from Lebanon… Precisely because of Iran’s hegemony over her birth country, through some Lebanese proxies. (https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/26/middleeast/lebanon-pm-designate-steps-down-intl/index.html).

Cancel culture–Lebanese style: Did you know that intimidation can spread from one country to the other?

What is cancel culture? It refers to (group) shaming, often online. It consists of withdrawing support for public figures or companies or artistic groups for doing or saying something considered offensive. This practice may go as far as destroying someone’s reputation or provoking the end of his/her career.

Keeping this definition in mind, before sharing the story behind this post, Bambi admits that sometimes she seems like a lost deer, likely living on her own planet. Well, perhaps this explains why she has not heard about this talented Lebanese humourist before, even if the latter became one of the revolt’s famous public figures.

This 32-year-old humourist is called “Ammounz” (her real name is Ms. Amani Danhach). She is SO funny. Her specialty is to make fun of ALL the Lebanese politicians. She has videos on each one of them separately or jointly. She records herself in her car or in her living room and posts her videos online. Her language is natural and direct. She even composes and sings songs, without any financial reward. It seems like a pure pleasure for her whilst earning a living in another field of work in Dubai where she has been living for a few years.

As mentioned earlier, she jokes about all the Lebanese political leaders. Yes, all of them, men and women, older and younger, including Mr. Nasrallah (Chief of the Hezbollah) and his ally Mr. Aoun, President of Lebanon.

Well, what a shame that the funny Ammounz was recently the victim of a nasty cancel culture attempt, not in Lebanon… but rather in Dubai, her host country. Can you imagine? Someone had the guts (and heart) to email her employer to complain about her disrespect of Lebanon’s President. The person who did this nasty complaint also contacted the Government of the Arab Emirates. Can you imagine?!

Here is the text of the email sent out of Lebanon all the way to Dubai:

Well, the silly person who wrote the above text emailed the former employer of Ammounz by mistake, if Bambi understood the story well. Luckily, this did not affect her employment status.

Instead of accepting humour, like any other politician, a supporter of Lebanon’s President (or was it a fan of his ally?) had the nerve to try to harm a fellow Lebanese citizen IN ANOTHER COUNTRY to silence a dissenting voice. The idea was so kind that it simply aimed to prevent her from earning a living and perhaps supporting a family. Do you see how absurd and nasty cancel culture can be.

Mind you, this post is just one example of cancel culture. In reality, neither the topic nor the country is what matters here. The person(s) who resort to cancel culture or the victim(s) of such practices are not the mere issue here. Today, it is about this President and this humourist. Tomorrow, it will be about other individuals. When cancel culture happens in Canada (like we have been observing recently), it is about other forms of political correctness or ideologies. What remains the same, across all stories like this one, is that cancel culture (or silencing) is an act of aggression (or intimidation) because someone is being intolerant of other opinions.

Well, this being said, Bambi got more curious about Ammounz, especially after she heard on a Lebanese-American radio all the phone calls of support. Indeed, calls and words of support came from ALL around the world, including Lebanon, Paris, the USA, Dubai, and Canada (this station has listeners in 140 counties). People of all age groups called (even a kid called from Beirut). Very clearly, this humourist/singer is well-liked.

Googling Ammounz made Bambi spend a few minutes laughing to her funny jokes. In one of her recent online videos, she criticized how the President (and many other politicians) knew about the ammonium nitrate at the port. She did her funny video despite all the grief.

It is sad and unfair to the whole Lebanese population to silence one of their artists. By doing so, we prevent an entire traumatized country from venting in times of hyperinflation, of sorrow, and of fear from the unknown (health, political, and security crises). People need humour in order to keep their sanity when everything else seems to have been stolen from them (dreams, savings, lives, houses… country!).

Talking about lost lives, yesterday an injured citizen died after 50 days. She joined the other 200 victims of the Beirut blast, including two young kids, one Canadian and the other Australian. May all those injured (6000+) survive and heal…

Obituary taken from the Twitter account of Ms. Roula Douglas.

May Ms. Marine Elias rest in peace.

To conclude this post on a lighter note now, here is a picture of this talented Ammnouz:

Taken from l’Orient Le Jour

Well, she seems to be so talented that she is not only a businesswoman and a (non-professional) singer/humourist. She is also a biker who wins competitions in the desert of the United Arab Emirates. Look at the picture Bambi discovered (she is on the left side with the tattoos on her arm and blue eyeglasses).

Clearly, in Bambi’s mind, this Ammounz seems to be much stronger than her bully (usually a coward), even if he could have thrown her out of her job and host country. Had she been living in Lebanon, she would have been maybe jobless in the financial crisis. What would have they accused her of then? Likely of being a spy for Israel (a classical one!). If you do not believe Bambi, see the older post below. This is what happened to Ms. Kinda El Khatib, another courageous Lebanese activist. Bambi keeps thinking about her, wondering what happened to her (likely still in jail ☹):

Imagine that Burlington (USA) is your own city or town, how does it feel?

Burlington is a city in the US state of Vermont. It is just 151 km south of Montreal.

In 2019, 87.5% of the 42,819 citizens of Burlington were “White” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burlington,_Vermont).

Keeping the above statistics in mind, the city considered that “Minority-owned businesses in Burlington significantly impacted by the pandemic may soon receive financial assistance from the city”… The City Council voted Monday to approve the distribution of $50,000 in grant money to local businesses owned by Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs”(https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/money/2020/09/22/city-council-approves-grants-bipoc-owned-burlington-businesses/5857778002/).

To try to describe the situation, imagine that Sackville Town Council decides to provide such grants to Goya’s pizza and Aida’s Café BUT NOT TO Patterson’ Family Restaurant or Mel’s. Can you imagine the absurdity?

Would that make any sense to you? Would that be fair? Wouldn’t that be racist because it is ONLY based on race, instead of merit (or financial needs, if it was a charity donation)?

Mind you, Bambi is asking the above whilst being a regular customer of all our fantastic restaurants in Sackville. She is saying so and she may be sharing genes and a mother tongue with the owners of one of the restaurants mentioned above. More significantly, she shares with them their cherished friendship.

Even if she would be happy for her friends to get a grant simply because they happen to be so-called BIPOC (the funny acronym justifying the grant), she would surely tell them what she thinks about this dangerous clientelism. They would compare it to Lebanon most likely and she would tease them about their both funny and insulting grant. They would be laughing together because so-called BIPOC have a sense of humour (she bets it is more pronounced than “woke” city councillors from Burlington 😊).

OK, seriously now, this is a dangerous policy, that is sadly similar to what Mr. Trudeau did to us here in Canada with his loan program for “Black Entrepreneurs” (see earlier posts further below).

Of course, Mr. Trudeau and the municipal politicians, are most likely well-meaning… deep inside. They just do not take the time to think before addressing a problem as serious as racism. Their programs and policies defeat their noble purposes. They are dangerous to a society (and not the wisest for the economy).  

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Trudeau et al. as well municipal decision-makers (abroad and at home) will realize that programs like that are a slippery slope… unless they secretly aspire to eventually become the Lebanon of North America. Highly NOT recommended!


What is happening in Lebanon?

Yesterday, we read in the Canadian and Lebanese media that Lebanon’s President told reporters that his country is “going to hell” without a government (answer to a reporter).

The question that begs itself is the following: Where is Lebanon right now? Isn’t it in hell already?!

As one Lebanese citizen framed it (thanks Fadia for sharing the video) while talking from his partly destroyed living room: “We are already there, Mr. President. Hell is made of fire. We have been there. It is made of suffering. We have been there since Beirut blast and prior to it with the financial crisis“. He added that he is seeing people sleeping on their balconies because they cannot afford to repair a broken air conditioner. He said if the tire of someone’s car is damaged, he or she cannot afford to fix it.

Well, today, it seems that an explosion just took place in a village 50 km south of Beirut.

Can you imagine the fear triggered by the above?!

How many injured? How many victims? They say none. Hopefully!! If the information is accurate…

Assuming no one died, when will the next blast occur? And this time, how many casualties would it cause? Bambi is usually an optimistic person in life… but with Lebanon these days, it is hard to see the light of hope, she admits it. She is sure, it is there and a change is a MUST.

Yes, love will prevail again. Peace of mind too… and eventually prosperity.

Until then, can someone tell Bambi why is Hezbollah storing its weapons in a building in the middle of a village?!

When will movements like this one stop terrorizing civilians?

When will militias (in Lebanon, in the region, and around the world) stop playing with weapons and… with people’s lives?

To come back to the Lebanese politicians, how can they keep fighting among themselves for the pieces of the melting cake of power when their own country is diving into hell like that?! When will they wake up?! When the fire will reach them too? Or when Lebanon will vanish from the map?

# Recollect Beirut: Bambi didn’t know she could cry that much at a concert…

What a beautiful tribute to the Beirut blast victims… WOW!

Thank you to the organizers and the talented artists.

Thanks to the LBC and An Nahar for allowing people (and deer) around the world to watch the concert live.

Thanks to Ms. Roula Douglas for sharing the link below.

The concert starts at 14:15 minutes, if you like to watch.

May the memory of all the victims be eternal.

May Beirut recover and heal.

May Lebanon re-invent itself…

Had Dr. Ngola’s name been Dr. Surette or Dr. Smith, would this story have attracted the attention of journalists at home or abroad?

Articles about Dr. Ngola keep being published. Here are just a few examples:




It is nice to see colleagues across the country supporting Dr. Ngola. Bambi is happy for him to feel moved by the letter, as he described. She wishes him the best in his practice in Québec, even if she would not trust him to treat her own parents (had they been living where he is now practising). She may perhaps become his patient herself but, sorry, she would not recommend him to her parents, given his “irresponsible behaviour”, to use the words of our Premier.

Having said that, why are physicians from other jurisdictions interfering with our own province by demanding a public inquiry? Health is a provincial matter in our country. So, give us a break and let our province manage the pandemic as it has been doing relatively well since last March. New Brunswickers must have been generally satisfied, like Bambi, to give their current government their confidence for a second mandate with a majority.

As for the outburst of angry online comments Dr. Ngola has received, although unfortunate, it is part of normal human behaviour in the context of a pandemic when we are afraid or frustrated (ie., a lockdown that had to be extended, 40 people infected, and eventually 2 deaths). Did anyone ask the citizens of Campbellton how they feel?

A few people may have sadly exaggerated ☹. This is unacceptable. However, is it fair to insinuate or call the people of Campbellton (or Restigouche or NB, by extension) racist?

Indeed, as reported above, according to the Mayor of Campbellton, some of the people who may have commented online do not even live in Campbellton.

Similarly, many of the journalists rushing to judge New Brunswickers as being racist have never visited our province. Same for those 1500 physicians demanding a public inquiry as well.  

Of note, the latest article above published in the National Post AND in several other media (in the same exact format) is filed by Mr. Sidhartha Banerjee and is “produced with the financial assistance of the Facebook and Canadian Press News Fellowship”:


As per the link above, this is a one-year fellowship program, worth $1 million, that “will hire eight journalists to cover pressing issues in local communities across Canada… “Focusing on bringing more coverage to Canada’s regions, fellows will report on pressing issues in local communities, including the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on communities and tackling racial injustice”.

So, “tackling racial injustice” is a “pressing local issue” then? Bambi would have thought that truly LOCAL pressing subjects would be stemming from the top priorities of so-called local communities. Instead, they are once again being imposed on us to prove ideologies like “racial injustice” or “systemic racism” or whatever label we are supposed to swallow like “anti-blackness” or “too much whiteness”.

Why are we politicizing this story to that extent?

First, we insisted on apologies from our Premier who did not do anything wrong. Luckily, he did not fall into the trap of unnecessary apologies. Indeed, this politician seems to be pragmatic and fact focused (even if he is far from being perfect. No one is in life and surely not in politics).

Second, we are now increasing the pressure by demanding a public inquiry of how the case was handled.

Third, we seem to be changing the story or the narrative in the media? Or was there more to this story than what we know, as citizens?

In either case, why don’t we keep it to what it should have remained in the first place: a LOCAL story. After all, it is the case of a surely competent physician in Campbellton who unfortunately behaved unwisely in the middle of a pandemic.  


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