Is there anything more dangerously stupid than the University of Minnesota’s lecture featuring “12 Step Recovery Program for Whiteness”?

The University of Minnesota has been included in a 2001 book on America’s so-called “Public-Ivy Universities”. This university’s modern motto: is Driven to discover.

Recently a clinical social worker, called Ms. Cristina Combs, lectured the University of Minnesota’s students on “how to recover from whiteness”.

Her twelve-step recovery program is described in the link below:

Bambi will not spend much time on this post as her time is more valuable to her than reading about society’s blind adherence to our collectively stupid times. However, in her non-expert citizen’s opinion, she cannot help not to wonder if she should laugh or cry to such program’s title and content. Indeed, she finds it sad to see our North American universities diving lower and lower in the waters of our collectively stupid times.

Who is pushing those ideological agendas on these American universities?

Why are smart people allowing themselves to fall into the trap of sectarianism (radical yet superficial one)?

Why are we teaching all this to young men and women?

Aren’t we worried about the toxic effects of such programs, despite any noble intention of the teacher or her alma mater institution?

Perhaps they just want to think they are doing something noble.  

Perhaps they are only aspiring to be the wokest of the woke.  

Perhaps they just want to feel that they fit in their collectively stupid times.

Regardless of their motivation, they may have forgotten the basics: Universities are supposed to be a lighthouse of critical thinking in a society. The latter is perhaps more urgently needed in uncertain and dark times.

The question that begs itself is the following: When will academic and other public institutions wake up and start fast swimming to the surface… to breath the fresh air of intellectual independence again?


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